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Friday, July 25, 2014

High Praise for Awakenings and The Lost Prince

Most of the great quotes and good reviews for my books won't fit in a twitter feed, so I put them here.

Graeme's Fantasy Book Review
"A thoroughly entertaining read with a cast that you can really get behind and root for."

 Library Journal 
"This series opener promises to satisfy the interests of fans of action-based fantasy in which romance plays a minor but significant role." 

Stefan Raets,
"Awakenings is an intriguing and inspired debut. Lazellari’s prose is confident, his characters are intriguing, and he knows how to pace the story in such a way that your attention stays focused, even with the frequent changes in perspective.

Suzanne Johnson, Preturnatura
"I love a good mish-mash of genres, and this one was such an unexpected delight (not to mention a can't put it down read)..." 

The Qwillery Four out of 5 Quills)
"Awakenings is a thrilling debut with great pacing, characters you care about, and a riveting story. I found it hard to put down."

Mark Rose, 
"I’m definitely looking forward to the next book to find out what becomes of these characters."           

Blog Critics
"...the writing itself is excellent. Early in the book the author describes the lack of sensation as a character gets her head chopped off: 

"She heard a creak behind her. Before she could turn, there was a swish, like the sound of a switch whipped through the air. Then silence. Not a drop of rain, not a squeak; someone had pulled the plug on the whole world..."

 Kristin at My Bookish Ways,
"Adventure, exciting fight scenes, and heroes to root for make Awakenings a refreshing, entertaining read!"
Edward Lazellari is the author of the fantasy novels Awakenings and The Lost Prince from Tor Books, part of the Guardian of Aandor series. These books are available at: 

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