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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Lost Prince Has Coolest Fantasy Cover Of 2013

Quite literally, The Lost Prince cover by Chris McGrath is very cool; Mostly blue palette with hints of violet and other hues limited to the cool spectrum with a heavy blocking of cool blacks and just a smattering of warm colors in the explosion on the far right. Even Lelani Stormbringer's hair, a fiery blend of reds streaked with blonde, is subdued by the azure haze of Manhattan. The palette denotes a realistic eeriness to this world akin to the X-Files (which used glowing green to great effect).

I love this cover.  

Thanks to the team that brought it to light-- Irene Gallo, Paul Stevens, and Chris McGrath.

The Lost Prince hits stores (both brick and virtual) on August 20th. The last 250 pages will have your heart pounding like a giant steel roller coaster with five loops.