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Monday, August 1, 2016

Guardians of Aandor Movie Casting Game

What author doesn't dream of having their work translated into another medium? Now that the final manuscript to the trilogy has been turned in, people are asking when we'll see a Guardians of Aandor movie? My people are  working to make that happen. But I thought it might be fun to play Hollywood casting director in the meantime and cast characters from Awakenings and The Lost Prince based on Hollywood's current talent crop. [Spoilers for those who have not read the series]

Catherine MacDonnell

1. Selma Blair: Hellboy
When it comes to Cat MacDonnell, strong and smart is key. She's of Dutch and Sioux decent with raven tresses and wise gray eyes. Despite her petite frame, she stands up to her giant knight of a husband on a regular basis. Cat's a feisty mamma living in the Bronx, the wife of a cop who patrols one of the most dangerous parts of the city. She has no patience for anything that disturbs the order of her home. The following actresses would do Cat justice:

2. Chloe Bennett: Marvel's Agents of Shield
3. Lauren Cohan: The Walking Dead

Callum MacDonnell

Knight, defender of the realm; New York City Police officer. His family has defended the House of Aandor for seven generations, and no one could ask for a more loyal champion.
2. Charlie Hunnam: Sons of Anarchy

1. Sam Heughan: Outlander


Seth Raincrest

1. Hale Appleman: The Magicians
Wizard, porn photographer. Seth is self-possessed and lazy--an exploiter of people and a bit misogynistic. He's fallen a long way from the potential his abilities gave him. "Attitude problem" is saying it mildly...this character has the longest arc to redemption of any in the series.

2. Milo Ventimiglia: Heroes

Lelani Stormbringer

1. Deborah Ann Woll: True Blood
Lelani hails from a warrior race. She's as beautiful as she is fearless, and she's the Guardians' one magical edge as they try to catch up with their past lives and avoid assassination. The following actresses would serve her well:

2. Alex Breckenridge: American Horror Story

Lord Dorn

Evil sorcerer. Racial purist. Pretty boy. The Villain.

1. Alexander Skarsgard: True Blood

2. Henry Cavill: Man of Steel, Man From Uncle

Chryslantha Godwynn

1. Margo Robbie: Wolf of Wall Street
Callum MacDonnell's betrothed in Aandor. Her beauty and intelligence is known throughout the kingdom. Unbeknownst to her, Cal married Catherine MacDonnell when he had amnesia and forgot about his former life in Aandor.

3. Katheryn Winnick: Vikings

2. Diane Kruger: Troy

Colby Dretch

Stephen Dillane: Game of Thrones

Worn out gumshoe detective. Morally gray. Joined the ranks of the undead thanks to Lord Dorn.

Malcolm Robbe

1. Kevin McKidd: ROME. Journey Man
The Billionaire industrialist doesn't come into the story until book 2. Malcolm's only 5'2",  so special-FX are a must to make the actor look shorter...unless of course they tap Peter Dinklage for the role. Malcolm's stouter than Dinklage, though.

2. Scott Grimes: ER

Ben Reyes

Ruben Blades
Human caretaker of the ancient sorcerer Rosencrantz. Ben fought in WWII as a teenager and is instrumental in helping Seth fight his personal demons as he relates his own life experience.


Despite this tree's wooden performances, it's ideal for the part. 

Edward Lazellari is the author of the Guardians of Aandor fantasy series from Tor Books.

These books are available at

 Book 3, Blood of Ten Kings, Coming Soon

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